Summary of the Creative Life Project

The Creative Life Project is focused on teaching and promoting the use of Creativity as a path to personal and professional growth, individual well-being, entrepreneurial innovation, and creative cultural development.

Creative Life Project content supports a fresh perspective on Creativity. The content reinforces the principle that discovering, developing, and expressing your Creativity is an essential part of living your best life.

The process developed to help motivated individuals rediscover and reignite their inherent creative power is Hack Your Creativity.

The Hack Your Creativity process helps deconstruct, demystify then reignite your creative power and use it as a tool to help build your best life and claim your creative independence.

About Me

Richard Altman


I’m originally from South Bend, Indiana, and I completed my undergraduate degree at Indiana University with a Biology major, Psychology minor. For two years after graduating, I taught high school Biology in Cincinnati. I moved to attend Arizona State University for graduate studies receiving a Masters Degree in Educational Technology. After graduating, I worked for two years producing multimedia productions for Arizona State University while also acquiring a second Masters Degree, a MFA in Photography. Still, at Arizona State University, I accepted a position as the Director of the Media Resource Center at the College of Architecture and instructor of Presentation Design classes.

An intense interest in technology and communications led me to leave the university and form Communication Design, a company dedicated to the design and development of interactive multimedia programs. Communication Design provided leading-edge consulting and design services to educational institutions, government, and businesses for twenty-three years. Sample clients include the Phoenix SUNS, Phoenix Art Museum, Heard Museum, Tempe Fine Arts Center, The Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix Newspapers, Educational Management Group, YWCA of the USA, Sinclair Oil, The Phoenician Resort, Central Arizona Project, Association of Junior Leagues International, Salt River Project, and ASML Technology.

During this period, I also began exploring the fine art side of mixed media and started creating fine art sculptures combining metal, fused glass, wood, and stone. I ended up selling Communication Design and founded Fusion Studios. I built a new studio to create both art sculptures and continued my Creative Consulting.

Art commissions were created for corporate clients and art collectors. Example clients include Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Lucent Technologies, Avaya Communications, Maxtor Technologies, Princess Cruise Lines and Renown Hospital. The Princess Cruise Lines and Renown Hospital projects were done in collaboration with Lyle London and both received national recognition in Glass Art Magazine and other publications.

I’ve been engaged professionally in Creative Consulting since 1980. All of the work I’ve done is founded on an intense interest in Creativity and creative expression. I’ve practiced creative expression across a wide variety of domains, including Art, Technology, Education, and Design.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been organizing my personal thoughts and experiences related to the value of Creativity in life and business.

I fused my experiences with additional research to create a new perspective on Creativity and the essential role it plays in living your best life.

This new perspective has been formatted into the Creative Life Project and the Hack Your Creativity process.

I put this philosophy together because I wish somebody would have shared something like it with me as I was trying to find my way in the world. It’s not easy growing up, and it can be even harder when you’re creative.

I wanted to share what I’ve discovered to help motivated individuals use their creative power as a tool to build their best life and support the establishment of creative cultures.

I hope it helps you and those you influence.