Why You Need to Hack Your Creativity

Hack Your Creativity


The Hack Your Creativity program is designed for motivated individuals interested in learning to use their creative power as a tool to help them build their best life.

The content is delivered online through webinars, courses, and challenges as well as on-location to small groups. 

A few of the Key program concepts are presented below.

All of us play different roles in our lives. In each role we play, we have an opportunity to influence people with whom we interact. We influence our family members, our friends, and our co-workers. If we are leaders or managers, we influence the individuals under our responsibility. 

Developing a clear understanding of the important role creative expression can play in the lives of the individuals we influence can help us become better leaders, parents, and teachers.

Business Leaders

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur, or manager, you face the daily challenge of fulfilling the purpose of business as defined by Peter Drucker, “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”

Creativity, collaboration, communications, and critical thinking are no longer optional. Innovations are creative solutions to problems and challenges. Business people need a comprehensive understanding of their individual creative potentials and the ability to develop and express them in service of critical business goals. The Hack Your Creativity program can help develop the creative potential of team members.


If you are a parent, you can provide your children with the background, support, and encouragement to discover, develop, and express their own creative powers. Having this knowledge gives your children a competitive advantage in a world where Creativity is among the most sought after soft skill by businesses. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Genetic Engineering are changing our culture and the way we live our lives. The people who can recognize and solve problems with creative vision are the ones who will flourish in our rapidly changing technological world. Parents who Homeschool can incorporate Hack Your Creativity content in their lessons.


If you are a teacher, you can incorporate your understanding of Creativity into the way you work with kids to understand and enrich their Creativity and creative explorations. As a teacher, you are on the front line of either encouraging or depressing the creative development and expression of your students. If you’re involved in a STEM program, you already know 4 C’s of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. All of these elements are incorporated into the Hack Your Creativity Program and add a new level of depth to how they work together to support creative expression.

Discovering, Developing and expressing our creative powers can be enriching and exciting, and it can also be frustrating, messy and scary.

When involved in a creative project, having someone to talk with, kick around ideas, or just help keep us focused can be invaluable. Arranged Coaching sessions or longer-term creative support can be arranged through the Hack Your Creativity Coaching program.


Support for the development of projects, project management, and marketing can be arranged for individuals or small groups online.

Scheduling and payment can be organized for individuals or small groups needing quick access for time sensitive projects.

Presentation & Events

Speaking engagements can be arranged for inspirational and transformational messages based on Hack Your Creativity content. 

Special Engagements and hands-on creative workshops can be scheduled around a variety of experiences related to creative ideation and creative problem-solving.

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