The Creative Expression Framework

The diagram is a simplified version of The Creative Expression Framework. The framework organizes the elements of creative expression making it easier to teach,  learn about and develop the process of creative expression.

The pyramid shape of the framework is used to reinforce the nature of the creative process, which ultimately leads to creative expression.

To further simplify the framework for the purpose of the initial introduction, three core categories are represented by three distinct colors.

The colors highlight the core sections of the framework. Each section is actually composed of sub-categories which will eventually be discussed in detail.

There are three major categories represented in the overview version of the Creative Expression Framework.

Creative Foundation

The Creative Foundation is at the base of the entire framework. This category includes the elements of creative expression rooted in each individuals DNA. All inherited potentials are represented in this category in addition to the culture programming acquired in the process of acculturation. These elements are among the most challenging to change or overcome and remain as enabling or limiting factors associated with a person’s creative expression abilities.

In addition to these fundamental elements are all of the natural laws of living on planet earth. These include, among others gravity, oxygen, sunlight, seasons, etc. Any and all creative expressions are bounded by these natural laws and accepted as baselines for creative expressions.

Creative Life Mindset

The next category of the Creative Expression Framework is the Creative Life Mindset.

This category is divided into three sections which are not visible in this simplified diagram. Each section contributes to the development and ongoing enrichment of the Creative Life Mindset, which is the core of the entire framework.

Developing and enriching a Creative Life Mindset keeps you open to new ideas and gives you the power to overcome mass-mildness, the enemy of creativity.

Creative Projects

Planning and completing a project is the creative process of turning your thoughts into things.

Turning your imaginary thoughts into things, regardless of the medium, requires you to use the life skill of being creative.

Through planning and completing a project, you demonstrate your creative skills by delivering real-world representations of your imagined ideas.

Creative Expression

At the top of the framework is your finished creative expression, which evolved as a result of your Creative Life Mindset.

The thing created sits on top of all the elements within the Creative Expression Framework. The creative expression itself is a solution to a given problem and ideally created in harmony with the Creative Expression Principles. The creative expression also includes all the problems and challenges you had to overcome to complete your project.